Are You 115 or younger?

apple-coreDo you love your Catholic faith?  Do you want to share what God is doing in you with others?  Have you asked the Lord to send you into the mission field?

CtK Life Teen is in need of ‘vineyard’ workers!  Be part of a movement that impels young adults to live a life for Christ, imbued with the Holy Spirit, and bringing others into relationship with The King of the Universe!

We are in search of CORE adults, ages 115 & younger!!  A CORE adult is a Relational Minister & Catechist!

We ask our CORE to be present in the following ways >>>
Þ Life Teen CORE: Sunday Life Nights & monthly meeting
Þ RCIT CORE: bi-weekly Wednesday class & quarterly meeting
Training and Prayer included!! Come along to journey with our teens!

Contact Elisa Chavez to arrange a meet-up. Call 480-844-4476