CtK Life Teen & Edge

Welcome to CtK’s Youth Ministry site!  We’re glad you are here!
We welcome all current 6th-8th teens to become involved in Edge, and all current 9th-12th grade teens to get involved in Life Teen!

A common misconception of junior high and high school youth ministry is that it is only for teens who have not received their sacraments yet.  That is so far from the truth.
Youth Ministry at Christ the King exists to assist parents in teaching their children about our AWESOME Catholic faith.  Junior high and High school aged teens are given the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ at every Edge or Life Teen event.
Through EDGE and Life Teen, the Christ the King Youth Ministry team aim to raise young growing disciples in love with Christ and His Church, transforming their homes, schools, and communities by lives lived in and for the love of God.

CTKTLT Envelop Mission Partners have enabled us to continue building upon the youth ministry legacy which begun in 1994 at Christ the King.  Over twenty years of selfless dedicated CORE and Youth Ministers running the race (Hebrews 12) alongside the teens in Mesa, AZ, recognizing they are vessels of the Holy Spirit.  Our CORE team today grabs the baton of their predecessors and continues on this same journey to bring young souls into relationships with Christ.

Please take a look around our site – the menu is at the top of the page, and please contact Elisa, our Youth Minister, to register your child[ren] in youth ministry or to ask for more information about joining CORE here at Christ the King.