Envelop 2018 FAQs

Want to support Christ the King Life Teen? Grab an envelope!

Here’s how it works. We have 365 envelopes labeled 1 – 365. During the weekends of January 7/8 and January 21/22, the envelopes are posted on large boards in the gathering space. Simply grab an envelope off of the board and give that amount. So if you grab envelope #43 (Feb. 18), give $43. Envelope June 11, give $156. Envelope #1, that’s 1 more dollar towards our goal. If all 365 envelopes are filled, we will be able to support our CTKLT Youth Ministry goals!


Q: Can I grab more than one envelope?

A: YES! So if you grab envelope #150 (June 5) and envelope #100 (April 16), you would give $250 towards our goal.

Q: What if all of the amounts in my price range are taken? Can I still give?

A: YES! We will take any donations that you are willing and able to give. We will randomly select a date for prayer for you.

Q: What if I can’t come to the church during January? How can I give?

A: Choose an amount and corresponding date to donate. After you choose a partnership amount and date, complete the mission partnership form and let us know who you’re donating in honor of (if applicable), any prayer intentions we can lift up for you on your donation date and week, and how we can get in touch to say ‘Thank You.’  And, then simply drop the mission partnership form and money off in the parish office.