Saint Essays

Saint Essays were due tonight (January 11, 2017, page 9-10 in Apostles booklet) for RCIT: Apostles.  The following teens have not turned in their saint essay:

Esmeralda A.
Luis A.
Mitzi E.
Sergio F.
Ashley G.
Ivan O.
Jose S.
Andres S.
Gissel S.
Bernardo S.
Anna T.  received after class before midnight
Lupita V.
Narciso Z.received after class before midnight

Teens, you have until midnight tonight (January 11) to either email me or screen shot your saint essay to or 480-331-5286.  After midnight, you will incur a 10-point deduction on your final exam.

Can’t wait to read the rest tonight!!!  I’m already loving the thought and effort you’ve put into choosing a saint!!