What’s in your love?

Tonight’s Life Night was Counterfeit.  We spoke about real vs counterfeit love.

I gave an analogy which I think will stay with you for the rest of your life.

img_7805I want share how Jesus and Mary are examples of Agape love and how these two people live out FTFF!

The LOVE of Jesus is

Free – John 10:18
Total – John 15:13
Faithful – Matthew 28:20
Fruitful – John 10:10; CCC 1733

Jesus wasn’t a halfway kind of guy; He went all the way to the Cross for us!

Mary, our Mother is our Ultimate example

Free – God didn’t force her; she gave her “yes” freely
Total – She gave her entire self.  Luke 1:38
Faithful – Her Immaculate Conception. Luke 1:34-37.

December 8th.  Holy Day of Obligation.
Vigil Mass on Wed. Dec. 7 @ 6:30pm [English]
Thursday on Dec. 8 @ 8 am and 5 pm [English] and 7 pm [Spanish]

Fruitful – gave birth to the Author of Life

Everything Mary did was limitless for God!!!  I encourage you to get to know Mary; as you deepen your love for her, she will lead you closer to her Son!

Ask yourself is your Love for others:
Free or Forced?
Total or Partial?
Faithful or Unfaithful?
Fruitful or Dead?