Are you a practicing Catholic or a practical Atheist?

The very necessary minimum requirements for LIFE as a Catholic-Christian are the following:

Observe the 10 Commandments

Ascent to Church Teaching

Follow the 5 Precepts of the Catholic Church (CCC 2041)

  1. Attend Mass on every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligations
  2. Go to confession at least once a year
  3. Receive Holy Communion at least once every Easter season.
  4. Observe the prescribed days of fasting and abstinence
    – Abstinence is every Friday during Lent
    – Fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday
    – two small meals and one regular sized meal not equalling the two                                          small meals combined
  5. To provide for the material needs of the Church according your ability

Parents:  You are the primary catechist for your child (CCC 2223).  If you have enrolled your son/daughter in RCIT/RE/RCIC/RCIA/RICA to prepare them for 1st Communion and Confirmation, and you are not at the very minimum taking them to Mass every Sunday, what makes you think they will start going after they receive their sacraments?  Begin now to model for them what it means to have a lived, daily relationship with Christ.  Disciples are built by following in the footsteps of their Master.