Multi-Parish Retreat 2017

The Multi-parish retreat also known as the Williams Retreat is February 24-26, 2017.  About 10-15 parishes in the Phoenix diocese participate and attend.  There is limited space available!  $50-100 retreat deposit is due no later than Sunday, December 11.  Total cost of retreat is only $200!!!  We were able to figure out a way to lower the cost.  Turn in your deposit today for this amazing retreat!


Consider providing a Life Night dinner

Each and every week at Life Night, we try to provide some sort of dinner for the teens.  Our budget does not allow us to be able to cover the cost.  So, we rely on parents and/or other cool people to provide food for our teens.

Deepa, our Youth Minister, loves to cook.  Nonetheless, her personal budget cannot feed 20-40 teens every week.  She totally wishes she could though.

Would you consider bringing in dinner for our teens on Sunday night?  It really does not have to be fancy or an actual ‘meal’?  Over the last two months, we’ve made a couple of pans of french toast casserole, mashed potatoes, and hotdog/hashbrown casserole.  We’ve also fed our teens cereal and milk or fall retreat leftovers.

We do have an online sign-up.  You do not need to be a parent.  And, you do not have to cook.  You could simply donate a gift card to Little Caesar’s  or Fry’s or Winco or WalMart.

Link to Life Teen dinner sign-up list

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of this post!

Apostles Make-Up Packets

APOSTLES CLASS MAKE-UP PACKETS (taken straight from the Apostles booklet)

When an Apostle is absent from a Wednesday Apostles class, they are missing important information that is needed to fulfill their Sacramental preparation.   Therefore, the information included in the Wednesday Apostles class needs to be made up.  A make-up packet can be printed online ( or can be picked up in the Life Teen office (during normal office hours).  Make-Up packets will take the Apostles teen approximately two hours to complete.  Make-Up packets must be completed and turned in promptly.  A schedule of when the make-up packet must be turned in can be found on page 5 of the Apostles booklet.

If after 2 weeks past the due date or April 29, 2017, the Make-Up packet(s) are not returned completed, there will need to be a parent and teen conference scheduled to determine whether or not the Apostles teen should repeat their Apostles program year in the fall of 2017.

There are more than several Apostles candidates who have NOT turned in their make-up packets.  Failure to turn in the following packets by Wednesday, November 2 will result in Deepa scheduling a Parent & Teen conference to assess whether or not the Apostles candidate should wait another year to receive their sacraments.

September 7 Make-Up Packett   — Esmeralda A., Josh L., Jose M., Jose S., Andres S., Gissel S., Bernardo S., Anna T., Lupita V.

September 21 Make-Up Packet — Josh L., Bernardo S.

October 5 Make-Up Packet — Fatima H.

October 19 Make-Up Packet — Esmeralda A., Luis A., Mitzi E., Jacob G., Adriana H., Fatima H.

Parents:  Teens who were in class on Wednesday, Oct. 19, were given another copy of missing make-up packets.  Teens who were not in class will be given another copy of their missing make-up packets and/or the Oct. 19 make-up packet on Sunday, Oct. 23 at the AD Life Night.